MD Anderson Cancer Center in Voorhees

When the time came to deliver Mothers Matter gift bags for women completing radiation therapy at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Voorhees Lauren Rose Albert Foundation Susan Rose immediately volunteered for the assignment.    “When I completed my course of radiation therapy in 2013, I “rang the bell” and was given a paper certificate,” Rose noted. “ That’s when I got the idea of creating a special Mothers Matter gift bag for women undergoing radiation therapy.  So, we did!   It’s filled with spa products to help relax and regenerate.   We try to make each bag a beautiful gift with brightly colored products that send a  message – “you go get ‘em girl!”.     

Mothers Matter has been providing special gift bags for cancer patients since 2012.  In addition to the Spa type gift bag for radiation patients,  a “Comfort” gift bag for women undergoing chemotherapy or surgery is filled with products reflecting special medical needs as well as comforting items such as a handmade soft pillow and warm socks.

A few weeks later,  a Mothers Matter gift bag recipient sent the following note:

“Yesterday I completed my radiation treatments (25). Just before I left the office I was presented with one of your “Spa” gift bags. That was so unexpected. I felt like I was at a party. I had just “rung the bell”, received a certificate, took pictures with the wonderful caring group who administered my treatments, and then received this lovely gift.

Gale Aquino, of the MD Anderson Radiation Department is pictured with Susan Rose.

I’m sure I will enjoy using all the products, but most of all thank you for acknowledging the fact that I made it through this part of my journey. Your Foundation did indeed touch my life with Lauren’s sunshine’.”

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