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Mothers Matter Committee

Our Mothers Matter Committee oversees all aspects of the Mothers Matter program.

Carol Aff – Treasurer
Barbara Arnold
Linda Beach
Elizabeth Coldflesh
Kim Konefsky
Colleen Garretson
Sue Kane
Patti Kelly
Terry Mancini
Sue McCauley
Joanne McPoyle
Lisa Moriarty – Founding Member, LRAF Board Member
Linda Newlin
Nadine Piccolo
Felicia Rivera
Robin Spatocco
Cecilia Rosado
Susan Rose – LRAF Founder & President
Kathy Schultes – Chairperson
Cindy Small
Karen Stanley
Paula Tallas
Louisa Coffin-Tilsner
Kathy Teeple

Betty Bartkovsky
Claire Carmody
Anne Cutler
Sandy Oncay