The Lauren Rose Albert Foundation is an all volunteer charitable organization with a seemingly simple goal, to help mothers in need, all mothers regardless of age, race, social or economic background.

Please watch the video below to find out more about the Lauren Rose Albert Foundation; who we are and what we do to help women facing difficult challenges. Please feel free to share our story with others. The Lauren Rose Albert Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established in 2000 by Lauren’s parents, family and friends to honor her memory. The Foundation’s credo – “Mothers Matter” – is a tribute to Lauren and a mother’s love.

Our Mission – to encourage mothers to achieve economically and educationally and to seek brighter futures for themselves and their families – reflects Lauren’s legacy of helping others lead better lives. In carrying out our Mission, we pledge to uphold and advocate Lauren’s values and wishes for a safer, gentler world.

Our Vision – is to bring Lauren’s Legacy of Love, Laughter and Light to children and families in need; to help those who do not have a lot of sunshine in their lives. Our Vision is to extend a helping hand to young women who best reflect Lauren’s values and attributes; to provide financial assistance to help them achieve goals and success in life. By carrying out its Mission to help others realize their full potential to lead lives of contribution and service, the Foundation will ensure that Lauren’s Legacy of Love, Laughter and Light lives on for all our Tomorrows.

Since the Foundation’s inception, it has touched the lives of thousands of women in southern New Jersey and Philadelphia through the following programs and activities:

Lauren Rose Albert Foundation
Board of Directors and Volunteer Committees

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Entity Type
Joanne McPoyle - SecretaryMothers Matter Core Committee
Carole CirucciEducation Committee
Lisa MoriartyMothers Matter Core Committee
Sue BrennanEducation Committee
Terry ManciniMothers Matter Core Committee
Kathy McKennaMothers Matter Core Committee
Marandia KinskyMothers Matter Core Committee
Colleen GarretsonMothers Matter Core Committee
Stacey Einstein-JenningsMothers Matter Core Committee
Anne CutlerMothers Matter Core Committee
Claire CarmodyMothers Matter Core Committee
Kathy SchultesMothers Matter Core Committee
Linda BeachMothers Matter Core Committee
Maria ArredondoMothers Matter Core Committee
Robin Barnes SpatoccoMothers Matter Core Committee
Judy ShorrEducation Committee
Mark LohbauerEducation Committee
Louisa Coffin-Tilsner, TreasurerMothers Matter Core Committee
Mary Lynn LazurEducation Committee
Stephen McBride, USMM (ret)Board of Directors
Dr. Susan SmithBoard of Directors
Lisa MoriartyBoard of Directors
Stuart McCormickBoard of Directors
Stuart RoseBoard of Directors
Matthew TennenbaumBoard of Directors
Phyllis Colanero5K Committee
Michelle Crosbie5K Committee
Lisa Moriarty5K Committee
Sandy Oncay5K Committee
Cathy Pogoselski5K Committee
Amy Rose-Rivas, Esq. ‚ SecretaryBoard of Directors
Susan Rose, PresidentBoard of Directors
Becky Turtz Segren5K Committee
D. Michael Carmody, Jr. CPA, Treas.Board of Directors
Betty Bartkovsk-ChairpersonMothers Matter Core Committee
Honorable Virginia BetteridgeBoard of Directors
Patti Kelly- Vice-chairpersonMothers Matter Core Committee
Cheri CowperthwaitBoard of Directors

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Board of Directors
Susan RosePresident
D. Michael Carmody, Jr. CPATreasurer
Amy Rose-Rivas, Esq.Secretary
Honorable Virginia BetteridgeBoard Member
Cheri CowperthwaitBoard Member
Stephen McBride, USMM (ret)Board Member
Dr. Susan SmithBoard Member
Lisa MoriartyBoard Member
Stuart McCormickBoard Member
Stuart RoseBoard Member
Matthew TennenbaumBoard Member
Mothers Matter Core Committee
Betty BartkovskyChairperson
Patti KellyVice-chairperson
Joanne McPoyleSecretary
Louisa Coffin-TilsnerTreasurer
Anne CutlerCommittee Member
Claire CarmodyCommittee Member
Colleen GarretsonCommittee Member
Kathy McKennaCommittee Member
Kathy SchultesCommittee Member
Linda BeachCommittee Member
Lisa MoriartyCommittee Member
Maria ArredondoCommittee Member
Robin Barnes SpatoccoCommittee Member
Stacey Einstein-JenningsCommittee Member
Terry ManciniCommittee Member
Linda BeachCommittee Member
Kate CostelloCommittee Member
Irene JaffeCommittee Member
Sue McCauleyCommittee Member
Rosemarie RaspantiCommittee Member
Cecilia RosadoCommittee Member
Robin SpatoccoCommittee Member
Amy Rose-Rivas, Esq.Committee Member
Education Committee
Sue BrennanCommittee Member
Carole CirucciCommittee Member
Mark LohbauerCommittee Member
Mary Lynn LazurCommittee Member
Judy ShorrCommittee Member
Events Committee
Phyllis Colanero5K Committee Member
Michelle Crosbie5K Committee Member
Lisa Moriarty5K Committee Member
Sandy Oncay5K Committee Member
Cathy Pogoselski5K Committee Member
Becky Turtz Segren5K Committee Member


Mothers Matter Gift Basket Donations

We accept donations of health and beauty products throughout the year. Please make sure the products are new and unopened. To arrange pick-up of donations please email or call 856-428-7673.

Mothers Matter Gift Basket Donations

We accept donations of health and beauty products throughout the year. Please make sure the products are new and unopened. To arrange pick-up of donations please email or call 856-428-7673.

Learn About Our Mothers Matter Programs

Mother’s Day
Gift Basket Project

Provides Mother’s Day gift baskets filled with personal care and beauty products to women facing difficult challenges in their lives

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Mothers Matter
Year Round

Provides Mothers Matter gifts year-round upon request and through partnering with people, businesses, organizations, churches and clubs

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Suited For Work

Provides apparel assistance to economically disadvantaged mothers who are seeking employment or looking to advance their career

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Make A Donation

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Learn About Our Grant Programs

Emergency Grant

Emergency grants in the form of goods, services or cash to assist mothers and their families

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Education Grant

Since the program’s inception in 2004, the Foundation has awarded over 750 grants

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