Gifts from the heart

Victoria Williams/Gloucester County Times

on May 03, 2009 at 7:34 AM, updated May 04, 2009 at 3:31 PM


NicholsLauren Rose Albert Foundation founder Susan Rose (right) helps sisters Riley-Jo (left) and Skylar McKenna, of Mantua, lift a cake, thanking the Star Touring and Riding Club for their help with the foundation’s Mothers Matter gift basket project Wednesday night. Below right, lsabel Muras, of Pitman, selects a product for one of thousands of Mothers Matter gift baskets. Bottom left, Star Touring and Riding Club member Pat Clerkin, of Pine Hill, sorts through hundreds of donated beauty products.

Bikers clad in leather vests squinted at every beauty product they unpacked from the stuffed cardboard boxes in the Grenloch Community Center in Washington Township. Their large hands clumsily turned each dainty bottle until an identifying clue jumped out, something to let them know what, exactly, they were holding.

“You’ve got the body wash, the body spray, the body butter — all I really know is the toothpaste and the soap,” said Mark Valentine of West Deptford.

Sometimes there were questions — Is this green or teal? — but eventually every lotion, lipstick and loofa made it to its proper sorting table. From there, women sporting the same leather vests walked throughout the rows of products, dropping one of each toiletry into beauty gift bags.

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