Finding the Joy in Vacuuming

If you can find the joy in vacuuming, you can find joy in almost anything.

I found that out when I recently caught a glimpse of one of our committee members joyfully vacuuming our Mothers Matter headquarters. Maybe you’re thinking, “It doesn’t take much to make this woman happy.”

On the contrary! She was not feeling joyful to be pushing around the Hoover. It was her contribution to our entire effort that delighted her.

The joy that we all feel is why our Mothers Matter “family” spends countless hours pitching in and taking on any and all tasks. So, no matter what it is, whether it’s picking up and unloading heavy cartons of donations or cutting ribbons used to tie and decorate our gift bags, they will do what needs to be done to assure that Mothers Matter continues to thrive. And yes, any one of us would willingly vacuum.

As always, we all derive the greatest joy when delivering our Mother’s Day gift bags. It’s hard not to be happy when you see a single mom who’s facing so many challenges, accept a beautiful and much-needed gift of pampering from her child. Whether it’s shampoo, a bar of soap, some lavender-scented lotion, or warm fuzzy socks, we always catch a grateful smile, and sometimes tears of happiness. Even more gratifying is witnessing the look of pride and delight on her child’s face as he or she hands the gift to her. It is all so beautiful, and it’s the reason why we do what we do. We experience joy because we see it in action.

I recently asked one of our team members for her thoughts. She pretty much echoed mine, “I love seeing the joy in a recipient’s eyes when she receives a Mothers Matter gift. Or the excitement in children’s eyes when they realize they will be giving a special gift to the special person in their lives.”

There is no better Mother’s Day gift for us than that.

With gratitude,

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