When a Bar of Soap is Considered a Luxury

Often, it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference.

It’s something I think about frequently, and even more so as we draw closer to Mother’s Day when we touch so many lives with our beautiful Mothers Matter gift bags.

At Mothers Matter HQ, we are now happily knee-deep in colorful bottles of personal care products that we use to assemble our signature Mother’s Day gift bags. There’s a constant buzz of activity with a steady flow of volunteers ready to help wherever they’re needed.

Now in our 19th year, we still receive the most moving notes and letters from the recipients. They are constant reminders to me and all our Mothers Matter volunteers of how a simple act of kindness can bring such comfort, encouragement and quality-of-life necessities to women for whom every day is a challenge.

From a struggling single mom who received a Helping Hands gift bag:

Dear Mothers Matter,

I am a 44-year-old single Mom with three boys. I am on disability and plugging my way through school. During a meeting with my social worker, I was given something that truly blessed my heart. It was a Mothers Matter gift bag.

I was humbled, and, after my meeting I went to my car and opened the bag. When I saw what was inside – I cried. I needed soap, and there was a bar of soap. I don’t buy myself luxury items, only essentials. I kept taking beautiful things out of the bag — perfume, make-up, nail polish, bath salts and lotion.

I put the perfume on, and it made me cry again. I felt like God was looking down on me and saying, “You deserve to be pretty.” All those items made me feel special. My heart and soul were blessed!

There was a little comb in there and my four-year-old son uses it. Every time I use the makeup and perfume, I think of your bag. I keep it to remind me that, yes, it is hard, but when there are people like you in this world, it makes the road a little more bearable.

Thank you so much.

From Dawn W, an 81-year old cancer survivor who received a Comfort Bag:

Dear Wonderful Women of Mothers Matter,

I was so grateful that the women of Mothers Matter sent this amazing gift to me. The items inside were not only useful, they made me realize that I am not alone.

The gift also inspired me to “pay it forward.” I have been crocheting pink breast cancer slippers which I will give to Mothers Matter to use in your gift bags.

In addition, our church is collecting items for your bags, and a representative from Mothers Matter will be speaking at our Senior Group to talk about the wonderful things that you do.

Thank you, and I look forward to assisting in your projects.

From Anna M, one of the first moms to receive a Mother’s Day gift basket from us in 2001: When we arrived the following year, Anna came over to us to thank us for the gift she’d received the prior year. She told us how much it meant to her; it was her only Mother’s Day gift. She then recounted how she doled out a tiny bit of one of the Bath & Body Works lotions each day so it would last a long time. We never forgot Anna’s story and how much our gift meant to her. This is why we do what we do.

With gratitude,

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