Meet Amber

Because both her daughters, Iiana, 8, and Ilexia, 4, suffer from major medical conditions, Amber was inspired to pursue a nursing career And they keep her determined to overcome the constant challenges she faces every day as a single mother with one daughter who is legally blind and one who suffers severe respiratory problems.

Caring for her daughters on her own and constant medical appointments are only two of her challenges. Amber began the clinical portion of her nurses training in September and the work has been a struggle, requiring hours of studying every week. But she is determined to earn her RN and then become a Nurse Practitioner.

While searching through scholarship opportunities offered at Gloucester County College, Amber read about how Lauren touched people’s lives and, as a mother, felt a strong connection with her. “I just felt that Lauren was looking out for moms like me who need help.” The required nursing books are very expensive and the foundation’s assistance “takes a little bit of weight off my shoulders.”

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