Portion of a Letter From Nicole, a LRAF Emergency Grant Recipient

“Here’s where the Lauren Rose Albert Foundation changed my entire outlook on life”.

“When I was confronted with a serious problem with my car that I could not afford to fix, I reached out to Nancy Howard (People in Transition Director) and explained that my car was in need of repair in hopes that she would be able to help. And I was beyond elated when she told me that there was some help out there to pay the cost of repairs for my car. It was all so overwhelming. When I picked up my car I cried for a while before I could even drive off. I was given my freedom back. And in a way, I had… Honestly, I had slept in my car on many occasions at this point so, in essence, I had gotten my “home” back. It’s the only thing I own now since we lost all of our belongings in a storage unit after I lost the ability to pay.

I was also given a Target gift card to go get some much-needed personal items and also a warm hat, scarf and gloves from your organization – things that I had no money to buy for myself.

I now have a new outlook on my situation. I am pleased to know that there are selfless people on this earth that work every day to help others. An idea that I had begun to doubt after all of the things that I had endured up to this point. But God has a way of blessing you even when you feel like you don’t deserve it. My children and I have been through a lot but we are not broken. Our spirits are encouraged and hearts are open. I would love to volunteer for your foundation if you ever have a need. I believe in paying kindness forward and I want to give back.

I pray that you can continue to bless other families as you have mine. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

– Nicole, Emergency Grant Recipient

Nicole’s Story

Ten years ago, this young mother was facing diabetes, cervical cancer and bankruptcy.  Determined to take control of life, she found employment with a local company that offered good pay and benefits.

Life was good!

Through the years Nicole’s health steadily improved; she had a good support system and was steadily moving up in her job – rising to third in command at her company.

Then her life changed.

Pregnant with twins, Nicole was forced to leave the home she was renting and most of her possessions because of a significant mold infestation. She suffered complications as a result of exposure to the mold and she lost one of the twins.

During this upheaval Nicole’s husband abandoned the family. Once again, Nicole drew on her inner strength and determination stay on target. Work was good and although homeless, she and her children were happy.

Then, Nicole lost her job when her company was sold and she was unable to find work.

Nearly a year later, she was at the lowest point in her life –sleeping in her car, eating at community kitchens and showering at friend’s homes and finally forced to send her children to live with family members so she could begin to fight back and get her life back on track.

The Lauren Rose Albert Foundation helped put Nicole back on the road to a better life.

The potentially devastating loss of her car due to costly repairs threatened to halt Nicole’s return to a normal life. More than just transportation – the car was Nicole’s “home” and the only thing she owned after losing all her belongings when she could not pay the storage bill.

The Lauren Rose Albert Foundation stepped in and paid for Nicole’s car repair as well as providing additional funds for quality-of-life necessities and some much-needed personal items.

Nicole is moving forward with a renewed spirit and outlook on life with support and encouragement from the Lauren Rose Albert Foundation and People in Transition, a social service agency at Rowan College at Gloucester County.

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