City woman thankful for daughter’s health, milestone gift

By JIM DINO (Staff Writer)

Published: May 13, 2012


Jennifer Parrish is getting the best Mother’s Day gift she could ever receive this year.

She is being reunited with her husband, Bob, as she brings her infant daughter, Emma, and Emma’s big sister, four-year-old Paige, home for the first time together.

The Hazleton woman and her two daughters have been staying at a Ronald McDonald House in Camden, N.J., for four months since Emma had surgery at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

While Bob attended school, they had been staying at the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey in Camden since Jan. 26.

“When I was 21 weeks pregnant, the doctors diagnosed Emma with spina bifida, so they performed in utero surgery to repair her back,” Jennifer said.

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