A Tribute to Clare Carmody

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A Tribute to Clare Carmody

By Susan Rose

On June 22, 2021, we said goodbye to my dear friend, Clare Carmody. Words don’t come easy at times like this so I will borrow words from Clare’s family. “She was a class act and we will miss her more than we can say”.    

Clare was the mother of eight, grandmother of 20 and great-grandmother of 9. She was a woman of great strength, steely reserve, and formidable determination.  Faced with the difficult task of raising eight children after the death of her husband Donald in 1974, she re-entered the work force when her children were grown, revisiting her prior career as a legal secretary.

I met Clare nearly 50 years ago when Stuart’s job transfer brought us to Kenwood Drive in Cherry Hill – just down the street from the Carmody Family.

Drawn together initially by being neighbors and our daughters’ friendships (three of the eight Carmody kids and our daughters) Clare and I became great friends. It was the kind of friendship that is part of your life – like family.

And what wonderful, endearing memories!

Clare introduced us to Cape May and the tradition going of “down the shore” during the summer months. Stuart and I grew up living minutes from the Atlantic Ocean where one “goes to the beach” for the day.   It was love at first visit and every visit thereafter.  Filled with fun, family togetherness and friendship.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

We learned about shopping at the Reading Outlets in Berks County, PA years in the days when the discounts really counted.   We’d go with Clare and her sister and brother-in-law, “Aunt Helen and “Uncle Joe” as they were known to my children.   Food and drinks and a lot of laughter were always highlights of our trips as were the super bargains.

Until she moved to a smaller home, the Carmody house on Kenwood Drive was the place to be on Christmas Eve.   We so enjoyed being part of the warm and wonderful Carmody Clan and their extended family.

But sharing stories and small talk over a glass of scotch (me) and vodka in cranberry juice or white wine (Clare) or just coffee (me) and tea (Clare)  is what I’ll miss most.    We were each other’s “go to” for comfort and companionship.    I hold dear our last visit.  It was at her daughter’s home.  It was clear that Clare was very ill and our time together was precious.  But you couldn’t tell from our conversation.  We talked of cabbages and kings – an upcoming family wedding, recent engagements, new homes and as always, Mothers Matter and the Lauren Rose Albert Foundation.

When we lost our daughter Lauren, Clare was one of my rocks that kept me upright.  And, when we began the Lauren Rose Albert Foundation Clare along with her son Michael, were at my side.  Indeed, all eight Carmody siblings and relatives have been key supporters of the LRAF.

Clare loved Mothers Matter. She was a doer!   Working non-stop from the time she walked into our headquarters until we closed the doors to go home.  She’d finish one task and move to another with a sense of purpose and determination.   A lunch break was usually a few peanut butter crackers and cup of iced tea. Clare often brought home Mothers Matter work; punching holes in our Mothers Matter cards, cutting ribbon to tie the cards or opening cartons of toiletry products. She was a volunteer in the true sense of the word. She cherished the countless hours at Mothers Matter working behind the scenes without fanfare to help others in need.   

Clare’s ready smile, indefatigable spirit and no-nonsense work ethic was the essence of Mothers Matter and the inspiration for hundreds of volunteers through the years

In recognition of Clare’s devotion to Mothers Matter, her family asked for donations in her memory to the Lauren Rose Albert Foundation / Mothers Matter in lieu of flowers.  The outpouring of love for Clare and her family is overwhelming.

The Clare Carmody Mothers Matter Fund will benefit single head-of-household mothers who are working towards a better life for themselves and their families.

The Rose Family and our Mothers Matter Family will miss Clare dearly but will remember her always with love and respect.  Our beautiful memories are a blessing we share with all who knew her.

We wish to acknowledge and thank donors to the Clare Carmody Memorial Fund.

Suzanne Arbocus
Gerard Beck
Nancy Weber & Bill Judd
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Blake
Mr. & Mrs. James Carmody
Sarah Carusona
Dana Chatzinoff
Beatrice Clark
Phyllis Colanero
Cheryl & Rich Corbett
Patricia Corbett
Matt, Amy & Mac Coyle
Brian Dean
Joanne & C. Kenneth Dunn
Mary & Dan Enright
The Carusona Family
The DiMeglio Family
The Jacob Family
The Intelico Family
Barbara Ferguson
Mary Lou Fiesler
Evan & Kimberly Fromberg
Marie Judge Furlano
Mary & Joseph Giblin
Elaine & Frank Gibson
Dr. & Mrs. Sheldon Goldberg
James & Marjorie Groeling
Nancy & Wayne Hahn
Heather Hamilton-Drach
Dr. Walden Holl
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Mara Lavoice
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Joan & John Lynch
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Michael Maggioncalda
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Sharon & Thomas McDonnell
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